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creation 2022- 2023
entering the show
rustling matter"


Duration of the piece: 35 mins
Total duration of the show: 1h15


Choreography and interpretation: Laetitia BRIGHI

Music and interpretation: Laurent GUEIRARD

Lighting Design: Cédric Guéniot

Sound engineer: Antoine Le Jouan

Suits: casting in progress

Dates à venir et passées :
10 décembre 2024 : CCU de Corte
9 août 2024: Festival de l'Olmu
25 mai 2024: Alb'oru - Bastia  (Plateforme Danse)
25 novembre 2023: Musée de Bastia (Per Elle)
22 avril 2023: Aghja - Ajaccio
15 avril 2023: Alb'oru - Bastia


Strings  is a hybrid work in which a moving body and an electric bass seek a meeting point, a perfect balance. The bass carries waves capable of traversing matter and can transform a body into a sounding board... It literally vibrates and triggers bodily automatisms that invite the beginnings of dance. Games of influence, mimicry and support will take place between dance and music, underlining and developing the character of the other. 

Dance and music have always been in dialogue.
Between the pre-eminence of one over the other, the search for symbiosis and open independence, the approaches of
contemporary dance choreographers are very varied.
Michèle Ettori and Fabien Delisle for Cie Vialuni with the creationBòlli Bòlli, Laetitia Brighi and Laurent Gueirard for the Cie La Danzateria, will explore this dialogue between movement and the world of sound.

The body of dance today is no longer silent, it can produce live sounds, explore the breath, the voice… It is the meeting of artists with rich and different backgrounds and universes. A kind of "connection" is at work, where something will echo, with more or less underground passages. A journey through the states of the body, consciousness and imagination.

photo spectacle Cordes.jpg
© Laurent Gueirard

- Community of Corsica 

- City of Bastia
Creation residencies:

- Theater Factory (Bastia)
- Dancing area (Ajaccio)
- The Aghja (Ajaccio)
- Anima (Prunelli di Fium'orbu)
- The Alb'Oru (Bastia)


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