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La Danzateria



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La Danzateria is a contemporary dance company located in Bastia (2B). It promotes the works of choreographer Laetitia Brighi. 

Designed as a meeting place where movement and dreams are made, it brings together different Corsican artists and craftsmen around their creations.
Thus dancers, visual artists, musicians, videographers, technicians, costume designers, and mad scientists unite their know-how in order to experiment, create and offer unique works.


The creations of La Danzateria draw their inspiration from contemporary subjects such as the environment, social ties, with the desire to transcend reality to highlight the poetry of existence.
In addition to offering its shows on stage, the company invites itself to any surprising place that sublimates the subject of its works, highlighting the heritage of the island, and allowing to meet an unaccustomed public. to theaters.


The universality of the themes that inspires the creative work also makes it possible to export the shows on the continent and abroad. In its artistic and civic approach, La Danzateria is committed to firmly anchoring itself in the territory while opening up to the outside world.

Finally, the company thinks of dance as a vector of bond, encounter, reunification... It has the will to be a force for proposals for cultural actions through workshops of expression and improvisation, interventions in school, participatory creations or meetings and professional exchanges.

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The Danzateria warmly thanks: 


for his support: 

The community of Corsica
The City of Bastia
The Alibi Theater Company /Theatre Factory 

For the reception in creation residence:  

Theater Factory - European Site of Creation - Bastia
The Dancing Zone
The Alb'Oru (Bastia)
The Conservatory of Bastia Henri Tomasi(reception in musical writing residency)
Anima cultural center(Prunelli di Fium'Orbu)
The Aghja(Ajaccio)

For studio reception: 

The Una Volta Cultural Center



© Pierre Battesti

Contact us.

Laetitia Brighi
Phone: 06 12 94 07 26

Dissemination and administration:
Candice Moracchini   

Residence Miot - Bat B - Rue Saint François - 20200 BASTIA

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