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The artistic team.

Laetitia Brighi took her first steps on stage with the Cie du Jeune Ballet Corse before joining the jazz dance formation of Raza Hammadi in Paris.
Along with fifteen years of teaching in major training centers (Centre du Marais, Studio Harmonic, Center de danse Alésia), she is a performer in companiesPolypous,The other and me,Fanny Coulm...

She collaborates in choreographic projects bringing together artists from all walks of life and participates in various international festivals (Frasq/ Le Générateur in Gentilly, Japanese Festival Paint Your Teeth and Les Nuits Blanches in Paris).
In 2011, she received a grant from the "Graham Center of Contemporary Dance" and went to study the Graham method in New York.
On the strength of this experience, she travels as a performer (Israel, Luxembourg, Spain, France) and meets artists from different cultures. These meetings and collaborations favor her capacity and her need for expression which will naturally lead her to creation...

In 2012, she collaborated for the first time with the musician Laurent Gueirard. Their joint creation PZL 912/9 is a rhythmic and hypnotic game mixing dance, video, and acoustic and electronic live music. This hybrid creation was selected for the first edition of the Duos Croisés festival in Paris.
In 2014, she was hired by the Biz'art company as a first dancer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Rite of Spring”; company then directed by Jennifer Gamet Rossi, today director of the Henri Tomasi Conservatory and Sandrine Henault, subject to the Paris Opera.

At the same time, she reiterates her collaboration with Laurent Gueirard and creates Last Rope, a very short film on the theme "Tarantino and dance". The film won the audience award at the Des arts des cinés festival in Saint-Etienne and was screened at the InShadow Festival in Lisbon and the Dance Digital Festival in Essex, England.
In 2016, Karine Saporta invited her to join the "Choreographer, a profession" course at the Faculty of Caen, from which she graduated. This training reinforces his desire to choreograph, allows him to broaden his skills, especially around writing, and to affirm his artistic approach. It also allows him to do an observation internship with the choreographer Carolyn Carlson and leads to the creation of his first piece.Butterfly,for 5 performers. In 2018, she choreographed thegogol-clipby electronic music group HIV winner of the London 4X Seasonal Short Film Festival and Prague International Monthly Film Festival.

In 2020, she returned to her native region, Corsica, and created the dance company La Danzateria, based in Bastia. Her desire to share and exchange with artists and the public immediately positions her within the island's cultural fabric.
She choreographed the show “Ora” by the Corsican polyphony group Tempus Fugit and danced the same year in the film “Devant la mer” by choreographer Michèle Ettori from the Vialuni company. Directed by videographer and sound designer, Fabien Delisle, Devant la mer brings together island artists who are still in action despite the health crisis.

In 2021, Laetitia Brighi is an associate artist at  Fabrique de Théâtre / European Creation Site in Bastia. She created thereLucendiluna , first piece of La Danzateria: a participatory solo that invites ten women from the place of performance.
In 2022, she continues her collaboration with the musician Laurent Gueirard. The duo begins the creation ofRopes which will be played for the first time in 2023 at the Alb'oru in Bastia. This creation is part of the showBody & Soundwhich brings together La Danzateria and the VIaluni Company. 

Laetitia holds a state diploma as a dance teacher and a university degree in “choreographer, a profession”.


Laetitia BRIGHI,
choreographer & performer

Laurent Gueirard.jpg


Laurent Gueirard trained in drums with Jean Claude Paolini at the Henri Tomasi music conservatory in Bastia and learned cello with Paul Antoine de Rocca Serra, classical percussion and jazz piano with Jean Michel Giannelli.
This need for openness to various instrumental forms led him to Paris where he studied at the Nadia and Lili Boulanger conservatory in the jazz class led by Nicolas Folmer and Pierre Bertrand.
At the same time, he trained in the piano at the Bill Evans Piano Academy directed by Bernard Maury and took part in workshops with New York saxophonist Steve Coleman, guitarist Marc Ducret, and Brazilian rhythmicist Lucas Ciavatta.
In 1998, he founded his first group, the jazz trio John Mac Dume with which he still travels the Corsican roads today.
In 2006, he joined the Inama jazz sextet led by saxophonists Fabien Debellefontaine and Julien Soro with whom he released his first album "La Boite Noire" and won the SACEM prize at the jazz festival in Saint Germain des Prés.
In 2007, he created for the Rencontres du Violoncelle de Moïta a trio "cello, electric guitar and drums" with a rock repertoire and improvised music.
A year later, marked by a desire for radical change, he joined the electro pop quintet Studio Paradise with which he recorded 2 albums and performed at numerous festivals in France and Corsica such as Les Voix du Gaou, Musilac, Les Nuits de Champagne, Calvi On The Rock, and Cargese Sound System.
In 2012, he collaborated for the first time with the choreographer and dancer Laetitia Brighi: dialogue between dance, video and live music, their joint creation PZL 912/9 is a rhythmic and hypnotic game selected for the first edition of the duo crossed festival in Paris .
In 2014, they reiterated their collaboration and created Last Rope, a very short film on the theme "Tarantino and dance". The film won the audience award at the Des Arts Des Cinés festival in Saint-Etienne and was screened at the Inshadow Festival in Lisbon and the Dance Digital Festival in Essex, England.
In 2016, he composed his first work of electronic music, the music of Papillon, a choreography for 5 dancers on the theme of dreams.
In 2020, he returned to Corsica, his native region and immediately plunged into the bath of island musical production, strong in his multidisciplinarity. He joined, as a drummer, the Jakez Orkeztra and his show Cosmolitude 2021 as well as the show Tra Me è Te by Marylène and ghjuvan francescu Giamarchi, and the electro post punk group Berthe as a bass player.
He is a composer and performer for Laetitia Brighi's dance show Lucendiluna and for Machination, a duo with electronic music producer Pasqua Pancrazi, created especially for the opening of the 4th Edition of the Zone Libre festival. At the same time, he recorded percussion on a composition by Célia Picciocchi for the documentary on the runner Norbert Santelli, record holder of the crossing of the GR20.
Since 2021, Laurent has given a weekly drum class at the Una Volta Cultural Center in Bastia.

Rafael Molina est un danseur, comédien et pédagogue français. Il a étudié la danse classique et contemporaine au Conservatoire de Saint-Etienne dont il sort diplômé en 2006, avant de poursuivre sa formation lors d’un stage au TanzTheater München en Allemagne en 2008 puis à l'école Martha Graham à New York de 2012 à 2014 où il danse, au sein du jeune ballet Graham 2, le répertoire Graham.
Comme artiste chorégraphique, Rafael a aussi bien dansé du répertoire néoclassique que des créations contemporaines. Il a également été formé au théâtre, à la Comédie de St Etienne et à HB Studio à New York. Il joue notamment, en 2012, dans la pièce « Médée » de la Compagnie Rhinocéros, à Paris, Béziers et au Festival d'Avignon. Depuis 2017, il travaille également comme assistant chorégraphe auprès de Fabio Crestale, directeur artistique de la Cie IFunamboli Paris.
Rafael est très impliqué dans la pédagogie et la transmission de l'héritage grahamien. Il fonde, en 2017, Graham For Europe, un réseau de professionnels Graham en Europe et obtient une bourse de recherche en Juin 2019 du Centre National de la Danse pour son projet d'étude sur les pratiques pédagogiques grahamiennes. Ce projet le mène à collecter une parole de la pédagogie Graham dans les différents espace-temps où cet enseignement a été significatif : au Centre Martha Graham, à l'école Alvin Ailey et Julliard à New York, à The Place à Londres, à la Bastheva en Israël et l'école Rudra-Béjart à Lausanne.

portrait-rafael-molina (107)_edited.jpg

Rafael MOLINA,
danseur & interprète

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